Agile-blended learning as a metropolitan teaching approach

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This paper proposes a novel pedagogical approach, named Agile-Blended Learning (AB learning), designed for individuals residing in metropolitan areas who have a multitude of commitments, including long working hours and familial obligations, and who prefer utilizing technology for learning. Learners in metropolitan areas require flexibility, personalized learning, and possess a strong inclination towards self-management of their learning process. The AB learning approach consists of four fundamental features: flexibility, collaboration, learner autonomy, and technology mediation. AB learning offers flexibility in various areas, such as time, spatial delivery, study mode, pace, course design, learning activities, and learning materials. As a crucial component of AB learning, collaborative learning emphasizes both peer-to-peer collaboration and collaboration between learners and teachers throughout the learning process. Additionally, learners are provided with a high degree of autonomy when planning, designing, and implementing their learning, including in terms of time, space, content, and learning modes. Finally, AB learning incorporates a broad range of technologies to enhance flexibility and personalized learning. The use of educational technologies not only enriches learners’ experiences but also improves their digital literacy.
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Title of host publicationBlended Learning: Lessons Learned and Ways Forward
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Publication statusPublished - Jul 2023

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