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Dr. Marvin Yu received his BA degree from the Fujian Normal University, MA, and PhD degree from the City University of Hong Kong. He is currently an Assistant Professor and the programme leader of Master of Arts in Creative Writing in the School of Arts and Social Sciences. His research interests lie primarily in creative writing, modern and contemporary Chinese literature, Hong Kong literature, and contemporary literary theory and criticism. He published several papers in peer-reviewed journals such as Literature in ChineseSouthern Cultural Forum, and Chung-Wai Literary Quarterly. And Dr. Yu also won the City Literary Award (2014) and Awards for Creative Writing in Chinese (2018) in recent years.

Research interests

  • Creative Writing
  • Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature
  • Hong Kong Literature
  • Contemporary Literary Theory and Criticism


BA [FJNU], MA (Distinction) [CityU], PhD [CityU]



  • The First Prize of Excellent Paper, Thesis "Hong Kong Experience from Literary Landscape to Literary Tourism"(〈從文學地景到文學觀光的香港經驗〉), The 7th  Annual Conference of Chinese Creative Writing(第七屆中國創意寫作年會), 2022.
  • The First Prize of Excellent Paper, Thesis "Creativity and Writing of Contemporary Taiwan Poetry"(〈台灣當代詩歌的「創意」與「寫作」〉), The 6th International Conference on Creative Writing in Chinese (第六屆世界華文創意寫作大會暨2020年中國創意寫作高峰論壇), 2020.
  • Awards for Creative Writing in Chinese (中文文學創作獎), Leisure and Cultural Services Department of Hong Kong, 2018.
  • Champion, “Thinking of the Asian Community” Academic Essay Contest (「思考亞洲一體化」學術論文比賽), City University of Hong Kong, One Asia Foundation, 2016.
  • City Literary Award (城市文學創作獎), City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Arts Development Council, 2014.

Creative Writing

  • 〈魚湯〉,《聲韻詩刊·十年選》2021年總第61期。
  • 〈迴旋處〉,賽馬會ifva影像嘉年華互動藝術展,2020年11月1-30日。
  • 〈不以離別為題〉,《草堂》2020年第2期。
  • 〈雪(外三首)〉,〈詩二首〉,〈落在時光之外(組詩)〉,《香港文學》2021年3月號,2020年4月號,2019年1月號。
  • 〈詩二首〉,《字花》2020年總第85期。
  • 〈山火之後〉,《聲韻詩刊》2020年總第52期。
  • 〈複製與粘貼〉,〈出神〉,《虛詞》2019年12月24日。
  • 〈詩十首〉,《中西詩歌》2019年第1期。
  • 〈道旁〉,《水母與搖滾——字花十年選詩歌卷》,香港:水煮魚文化,2017年。
  • 〈余文翰的詩〉,《2015-2016中國新詩年鑒》,北京:金城出版社,2017年,頁58-59。

Selected Articles

  • 〈喪家幽靈的徘徊:「我漂故我在」的北島與《歧路行》〉,《聲韻詩刊》總第67期(2022年11月)。
  • 〈抒情的困難及其自覺——談廖偉棠組詩《困難的愛》〉,《草堂》2022年08卷。
  • 〈朝向「南方以南」的寫作——兼及一個非虛構的「南方」〉,《廣州文藝》2022年第4期。
  • 〈假寐者深藏自我——青年詩人趙目珍詩歌論〉,《名作欣賞》2021年第5期。
  • 〈創意寫作課程的「非創意」教學〉,《田家炳中華文化中心通訊》2021年第7期。
  • 〈漫談詩的兩個「當代」〉,《草堂》,2020年5月21日,https://www.sohu.com/a/396704875_711376。
  • 〈讀臧棣詩集:詩歌作為特殊的知識〉,《文藝報》,2019年11月13日。
  • 〈在現實中記取詩歌的聲音〉,《羊城晚報》,2019年9月22日。
  • 〈生命的纜繩,歲月的卷筆刀:吳耀宗詩集《逐想像而居》讀後〉,《作家》,2016年第11期。


  • Examiner at Hong Kong Arts Development Council in Arts Criticism and Literary Arts from 2023 to 2026.
  • Editorial Board member of Chinese Creative Writing Studies.


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